The EASTERNATS Mission Statement

The EASTERNATS is a salute to the automobile and was founded in 1997 by Sandown Promoter and well known motor sport identity Jon Davison.

Davison perceived that with ever increasing police presence on our roads, draconian fines imposed through the courts system, the introduction of the "hoon " legislation and zero tolerance from other road users, that an event catering from anywhere between super modified vehicles to mums car borrowed for the weekend, that "rev heads needed an outlet to let off steam and put "pedal to metal".

The EASTERNATS is above all an "automotive expression session" which caters for all age groups and owners of every period of automobile. I am proud of the EASTERNATS and the role it plays in providing a unique opportunity for so many car lovers who otherwise are denied the opportunity to have high powered fun with their pride and joy.

~ Regards Jon Davison (Davo) ~

If you would like any further information on the EASTERNATS, please contact us by phone 24/7 or via the website.